Everything You Need to Know About Radio Controlled Drones

Everything You Need to Know About Radio Controlled Drones

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Drones Are a Blast, and Easy to Fly!

I started flying radio-controlled aircraft in 1980. I was working as a commissioned salesman and one day while driving past a large field, behind a department store, I noticed a couple of guys flying model planes. I stopped and watched for a couple of hours. One of the guys, Mr. Spivey, owned a hobby store, so when I left, I dropped by the store and promised myself that… “if I earned $1,000 in a week, I would go back to that store and buy a plane” … I must have really wanted it because the very next week I earned that $1.000.

The plane I bout was a small starter kit, but I enjoyed it for many months before buying my next plane, which was a fast, high-performance plane. One day a police officer came to watch and clocked that plane, with his radar gun, at 90 miles per hour.
Mr. Spivey always said, “if you never want to crash plane, you should never fly it”. I crashed a lot at first, but most kits are made of balsa wood and can be repaired, if you’re willing to put in the time.
In recent years, Drones have increased in popularity. They are MUCH easier to learn to fly, and because they have the ability to hover, like a helicopter, you won’t crash nearly as often. And when you do crash, they’re very forgiving

If You’ve Never Flown a Drone, You Should Really Give it a Try!

My hope is that after you spend a little time learning more about Drones, you’ll be interested enough to try one. It’s a really cool hobby and you can even fly them indoors. I’d like to share my experience with them and maybe teach some tricks to help make the learning curve a bit easier.
I bought a couple of Drones for my twin boys. One of them just packed it away, but the other got hooked immediately. Try not to fly too close to tall trees, he got his stuck in a branch about 25 feet up and it took me two days to finally get it down.

Many Drones come with cameras and an app for your phone. There’s a cradle on the controller so you can mount your phone and get a bird’s eye view as if you were sitting in the cockpit. You can take a picture of what the camera sees, and even a movie. It was fun the first time i watched the movie of me sitting on my deck from 30 feet up.

Learn Everything I’ve Learned About Drones

I’ll be posting my experiences and even the research I’ve done, and will continue to do, about drones. So, check back often to learn everything I know about Drones.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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